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    Tongsheng Brand Oil type temperature and water type temperature controller machine production :

    1.PLC microcomputer controlling system can control the machine to work automatically ,Fully -function fail-safe operating system can show Multi-funcation and multi -measuring point temperature .which saves power and precise .

    2.2 sets og tubular electric heating element can use one or both .

    3.Short heating or cooling time and stable temperature .

    4.Electric heating is made of the stainless steel material .

    5.Perfect security protection and fault indication system .

    6.Advanced unit from foreign countries with long life length .

    7.CAD system design , its easy to operation and maintenance .

    8.The highest temperature of oil could be the 300 degrees , and the highest one for the water could be the 130 degrees .


    The characteristic of the mould temperature controller :

    1. High efficiency and saving energy

    Adopting the microcomputer controlling fully automatic multi-line heating way , its more energy saving , its will be the save the power about 40% then other brand . Directly cooling and high power heating realize high speed up-down the temperature .

    2. High Precision

    Temperature controller Imported with original packing from Japan (R.K.C) , sensor digital show double P.I.D , automatic controller precision within ± 0.1 ℃ .

    3. High pressure high water flow pump .

    Advanced the pump from Europe and America , offering the high pressure , high water flow ,reduce the temperature difference ,save the electronic energy .

    4. Trustworthy points :

    Adopting the units from Japan , Italy .with long life length .

    Full function fail safe circuit and error show .

    Perfect security protection and fault indication system .

    Tongsheng Brand mould temperature controller apply to the precision injection mould temperature controller , output , extrusion , Rotary heating and temperature controller .